Beware! Books from Alphascript and Betascript

Since last year, a large number of books are available from the web, including  ebay and Hundreds of thousands of books are published under Alphascipt, Betascript,and Fastbook Publishing. These are scam companies making money by publishing books using Wikipedia as materials. The whole book is made up of wikipedia articles, which are free. They grabbed the articles from a free source and making money out of that. The cover of the book says “High Quality Content by Wikipedia Articles”.

These publishing companies are just examples of thousands of the so called “Print on Demand” books. Meaning that they list the title, and they will only print the book when it is being ordered. Even big companies like Elsevier are now using this Print on Demand method, they don;t need to stock their books anymore.

But what’s worrying are the scam companies that me money out of selling books where the contents are from free materials such as Wikipedia. It is on sale in many of the famous online book sellers including has more than 100,000 titles of the scam books by Alphascript, more than 600,000 titles under Betascript, and more than 1000 titles under Fastbook. And each book is sold quite expensive, more than $50 per book!

The Alphascript books (more than 100,000) are all written by FREDERIC P. VANDOME, AGNES F. MCBREWSTER, JOHN MILLER

Betascript books (more than 600,000) are all written by LAMBERT M. TENNOE, MARIAM T. HENSSONOW, SUSAN F. SURHONE

These authors must be so productive that they can write that many books in just 1 year!

So beware! Don’t just buy any thitle without reading the review and exact content.


We got a letter from a representative from Alphascript requesting us not to mention the word SCAM This book by Betascript tells it all: