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Whitney Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage DVD

Learn advanced orthopedic tests & soft tissue treatments: nerve entrapment syndromes, muscle strains, ligament sprains, postural dysfunctions, joint pathologies, myofascial trigger point pain & other conditions! Soft-tissue practitioners have been asking Whitney for a DVD on his Orthopedic Massage system for a long time. Well, we are happy to say they are finally within site. […]

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Massage is Used More Than Ever for Medical/Health Reasons

Results from the 13th annual consumer survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association® (AMTA®) indicate that 32 percent of Americans are seeking massage for medical and health reasons, tying relaxation and stress reduction for the first time as the top reasons people get massages. Additionally, 25 percent of Americans ages 35-44 have talked to […]

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People with low back pain typically need to feel ‘much better’ to consider intervention worthwhile

QUESTIONS: How much of an effect do five common physiotherapy interventions need to have for patients with low back pain to perceive they are worth their cost, discomfort, risk, and incovenience? Are there any differences between the interventions? Do specific characteristics of people with low back pain predict the smallest important difference? DESIGN: Cross-sectional, observational […]

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The Mystery of Muscle Cramps

It can happen for no reason, it seems, taking you completely by surprise. And it can be excruciating. Suddenly, a muscle contracts violently, as if it had been prodded with a jolt of electricity. And it remains balled in a tight knot as painful second after painful second drags on. Cramps afflict 39 percent of […]

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