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Massage can facilitate soft tissue expansion

Massage can facilitate soft tissue expansion Weicheng Gao, Shaolin Ma, Xianglin Dong, Tao Qin, Xing Qiao and Quan Fang Medical Hypotheses Volume 76, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 148-149 Soft tissue expansion is a helpful technique in reconstructive plastic surgery. Unfortunately, tissue expansion still needs to be improved. Tissue expansion is one of the most […]

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Exercise Best for Knee Pain

For patients with severe knee pain, supervised exercise therapy is more effective at reducing pain and improving function than usual care, finds a study published on Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a condition in which pain occurs at the front of the knee during or after exercise and is a common reason to visit the […]

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Debate over Core exercises

Research suggests that exercises that target core muscles may reduce back pain and prevent future injury, but whether these exercises are substantially better than other structured exercise programs for chronic back pain has not been proved. And not all researchers agree on which components of the body’s core muscles are most crucial to preventing a […]

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