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Running Shoes May Cause Pain & Injury

New research shows some running shoes may cause damage to knees, hips and ankles—and create greater stresses on joints than even running barefoot or walking in high-heeled shoes. Sixty-eight healthy young adult runners (37 women, 31 men), who run in typical, currently available running shoes, were selected from the general population. None had any history […]

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Book review: Manual Therapy for the Peripheral Nerves

Book review J.-P. Barral and A. Croibier, Manual Therapy for the Peripheral Nerves , Churchill Livingstone (2007) ISBN 0-4431-0307-0 288 pages, £34.99. Karen McCreesha, Department of Physiotherapy, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland Physiotherapy The aim of this text is to present, from an osteopathic perspective, a new system of assessment and treatment of dysfunction of […]

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Rich people don’t need friends

In a paper evaluated by f1000 Medicine, six studies tested relationships between reminders of money, social exclusion and physical pain. In The symbolic power of money: reminders of money alter social distress and physical pain published in the journal Psychological Science, Xinyue Zhou, Kathleen Vohs and Roy Baumeister explored how money could reduce a person’s […]

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Lower Back Pain and Massage

People who have acute lower-back pain should undertake self-care and massage and spinal manipulation, according to a recommendation from a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine October 2007. The study reccomends that for patients who do not improve with self-care options, clinicians (Doctors) should consider the addition of nonpharmacologic therapy with proven benefits—for […]

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