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Ortho-Bionomy, A Path to Self-Care

Ortho-Bionomy, A Path to Self-Care by Luann Overmyer Ortho-Bionomy is based on the premise that the body inherently knows how to heal and self-correct, given the opportunity. This user-friendly self-help guide by one of the pioneers of the approach presents positions, postures, and movements designed to release tension and ease pain. Not only are the […]

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Touch therapies for pain relief in adults.

BACKGROUND: Pain is a global public health problem affecting the lives of large numbers of patients and their families. Touch therapies (Healing Touch (HT), Therapeutic Touch (TT) and Reiki) have been found to relieve pain, but some reviews have suggested there is insufficient evidence to support their use. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effectiveness of touch […]

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Massage or music for pain relief in labour

Research on massage therapy for maternal pain and anxiety in labour is currently limited to four small trials. Each used different massage techniques, at different frequencies and durations, and relaxation techniques were included in three trials. Given the need to investigate massage interventions that complement maternal neurophysiological adaptations to labour and birth pain(s), we designed […]

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