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The Danger of High Heels

Women are paying the price for fashion in the form of broken bones and sprained ankles, a doctor has warned. The warm weather has led to a spate of injuries caused by women falling from their high-heeled sandals. Rupert Evans, an accident and emergency doctor at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff said injuries could […]

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Massage therapy proves beneficial for cancer sufferers

AUSTRALIAN cancer experts have supported a study by the American Institutes of Health which found massage therapy may have immediate benefits on pain and mood among patients with advanced cancer. The Cancer Council of New South Wales said scientific research had shown that massage could reduce pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and nausea as well as […]

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Effects of petrissage massage on fatigue and exercise performance

This study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, April 2008. The authors and studies are from Chukyo University, Japan. WHAT IS ALREADY KNOWN ON THIS TOPIC It is generally believed that the massage is effective for recovery of the fatigue after the exercise. However, the authors believed that the type of massage […]

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