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Facilitated Stretching

Facilitated Stretching by Robert McAtee, Jeff Charland Facilitated Stretching, Third Edition, provides a useful overview of PNF stretching—a safe and easy-to-use method that involves stretching the muscle, contracting it isometrically against resistance, then stretching it again to a new range of motion. These steps apply whether you are isolating one muscle at a time or […]

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A Guide to Using the Forearms

Auth Method of Therapeutic Massage: A Guide to Using the Forearms A new DVD just been released showing how to massage without taxing the delicate joints of the hand and increase career longevity. Learn to give a full body massage using the forearms as the primary tool. These techniques can be used for both deep […]

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Size counts – more evidence about multifidus in back pain

Size counts – more evidence about multifidus in back pain Brett Vaughan, Lecturer, School of Biomedical & Health Sciences, Victoria University, Australia A growing number of studies have identified that lumbar multifidus undergoes atrophy with low back pain with a predictable pattern of atrophy in an acute low back pain population. The location and the […]

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Acupuncture Reduces Pain And Dysfunction In Head And Neck Cancer Patients After Neck Dissection

New data from a randomized, controlled trial found that acupuncture provided significant reductions in pain, dysfunction, and dry mouth in head and neck cancer patients after neck dissection. The study was led by David Pfister, MD, Chief of the Head and Neck Medical Oncology Service, and Barrie Cassileth, PhD, Chief of the Integrative Medicine Service, […]

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Abstract from the Taks Force on neck pain paper

Here is the absctact from the article in Spine. Clinical practice implications of the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Associated Disorders: from concepts and findings to recommendations. Based on best evidence syntheses of published studies on the risk, prognosis, assessment, and management of people with neck pain and […]

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