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Contemplation is a good thing, and meditation has been known to spawn great ideas and deep insightfulness, But include MOTION, AFFIRMATIONS AND MUSIC, and it improves meditation in a powerful way! Unique gentle & easy practice Encompassing Mind, Body and Soul Through Movement, Spoken Words, Affirmations & Music This DVD has 8 sequences, choreographed movements, […]

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Smooth and integrated movement patterns can help individuals with back pain

Smooth and integrated movement patterns can help individuals with back pain Many people with back pain do not know what is causing it and they do not receive effective treatment, but learning to move in a more integrated way makes a big difference, reveals research from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. […]

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The Danger of High Heels

Women are paying the price for fashion in the form of broken bones and sprained ankles, a doctor has warned. The warm weather has led to a spate of injuries caused by women falling from their high-heeled sandals. Rupert Evans, an accident and emergency doctor at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff said injuries could […]

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Acupuncture Reduces Pain And Dysfunction In Head And Neck Cancer Patients After Neck Dissection

New data from a randomized, controlled trial found that acupuncture provided significant reductions in pain, dysfunction, and dry mouth in head and neck cancer patients after neck dissection. The study was led by David Pfister, MD, Chief of the Head and Neck Medical Oncology Service, and Barrie Cassileth, PhD, Chief of the Integrative Medicine Service, […]

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