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Palpation & Assessment Skills

Assessment Through Touch, by Leon Chaitow, Now in the 3rd edition, fully revised and published in February 2010 with CD-ROM. This useful guide to palpation for musculoskeletal diagnosis and assessment describes and illustrates the skills needed to increase sophistication of palpatory assessment skills and practice. A companion CD-ROM supports the skills with video clips, and […]

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Evidence on RSI ‘urgently needed’

Research into the causes and treatment of repetitive strain injury is urgently needed for the millions of sufferers worldwide, say experts. Decades after RSI was first reported, evidence is still lacking to guide diagnosis and care, The Lancet reports. Unless clear definitions and evidence of effective treatments are found, RSI will remain controversial, says Dutch […]

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Height Loss & Mortality

People do become shorter as they get older. While a small amount of height loss is unlikely to cause problems, losing a significant amount of height might indicate other health problems, such as osteoporosis. Loss of height can affect the normal functioning of lungs and the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to loss of appetite, […]

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