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Manual therapies for migraine

J Headache Pain. 2011 Feb 5. [Epub ahead of print] Manual therapies for migraine: a systematic review. Chaibi A, Tuchin PJ, Russell MB. Head and Neck Research Group, Research Centre, Akershus University Hospital, 1478, Lørenskog, Norway, Abstract Migraine occurs in about 15% of the general population. Migraine is usually managed by medication, but some patients […]

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Understanding Sports Massage

Understanding Sports Massage, Second Edition Understanding Sports Massage, provides readers with an understanding of the fundamental theory and practical basis for using sports massage to keep athletes in top shape, recover from injuries, and improve performance. Like the successful first edition, Understanding Sports Massage is ideal for sport professionals and students in sports massage training […]

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Soft Tissue Release

Soft Tissue Release by Jane Johnson Soft Tissue Release is a clear, concise, and practical book that guides you in understanding and applying the three types of soft tissue release (STR): passive (clients do not help), active assisted (clients and therapists work together), and active (clients do it on their own). Rather than focus on […]

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Massage or music for pain relief in labour

Research on massage therapy for maternal pain and anxiety in labour is currently limited to four small trials. Each used different massage techniques, at different frequencies and durations, and relaxation techniques were included in three trials. Given the need to investigate massage interventions that complement maternal neurophysiological adaptations to labour and birth pain(s), we designed […]

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