Contemplation is a good thing, and meditation has been known to spawn great ideas and deep insightfulness, But include MOTION, AFFIRMATIONS AND MUSIC, and it improves meditation in a powerful way!

Unique gentle & easy practice Encompassing Mind, Body and Soul Through Movement, Spoken Words, Affirmations & Music

This DVD has 8 sequences, choreographed movements, inspired words, affirmations and music.

It is simple and easy to do yet powerful as a daily practice. Filmed in magnificent locations.

The spoken words are positive, truthful and beautiful. They leave you feeling deeply connected to your power within, still, alive, warm and energised. Just what you need in this face paced over active world.

They are inline with many current ideas and research i.e. Expressing gratitude, the law of attraction, heart centered feelings, forgiveness, self love and respect and living in the present moment all being highly beneficial to the mind and body.

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