The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual

This book combines All you need to know about: Muscle & Bone Palpation, Locating Trigger Points, and Stretching.
It shows assesment and treatment techniques, including stretching. Palpation of the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. The muscle illustrations are great incorporating trigger points and referral points as well!

The book also contains 2 DVDs. The first DVD shows palpation on various muscles by Joe Muscolino.

Now, the second DVD is a special one, it contains presentations by some of the top names in massage therapy education, including Tom Myers, Leon Chaitow, Whitney Lowe, Ruth Werner, Benny Vaughn, Bob King, Gil Hedley, Sandy Fritz, Sandra Anderson, Judith DeLany, George Kousaleos, Diana Thompson, Monica Reno, Fiona Rattay, Susan Salvo, Tracy Walton, Bob McAtee, Mike Dixon, Beverly Giroud, Neal Delaporta.

Each of them has a take on a muscle, how they approach it and showing their favourite techniques. This is the most unique DVD presentation on massage I have ever seen. The author Joe Muscolino is to be congratulated for putting this wonderful book & DVD.

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