Anatomy Trains Revealed: Dissecting the Myofascial Meridians

Using real-time classroom video and photos, this 2-DVD set presents an unfolding firsthand voyage of discovery in the field of manual and movement therapies – a unique 21st century view of fascial anatomy in manual and movement therapy unexplored from the first dissections in the Renaissance until now.

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Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, takes you on this journey with the help of master prosector Todd Garcia in his Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment. Together, they reveal a new understanding of clinically relevant myofascial links to your eye and hand. This DVD set uses video and photography to capture a firsthand discovery of the body’s myofascial meridians in the Anatomy Trains map- the whole-body fascial net that functionally links muscles in an integrative system.

Exploring and explaining new dissections of both traditional preserved and “fresh tissue” cadavers. See new video footage of the fascial tissues surrounding the brain & organs. A narrated slide show with labelled graphics is also included.