Most people having foot massage-world record

Taiwan set a World Record recently by arranging for 1008 people to have a foot massage simultaneously.  The event was organized by the Taiwan tourism bureau and four Taiwan reflexology associations.
The years 2008 and 2009 had been designated as the “Tour Taiwan Years.” The Tourism Bureau has been planning a wide variety of exciting events and popular tourist attractions to draw more international visitors to Taiwan, and one of its new ideas is health care tourism.

Tourists who volunteered for the event came from various countries, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong etc.  The tourists lied back on reclining chairs at the Taipei Area stadium for 40 minutes of foot massage, or reflexology treatment, given by 1,008 masseurs.

Foot massage is popular in Taiwan. In large cities in Taiwan, there are many foot massage parlours which charge 500 Taiwan dollars (15 US dollars) for 50 minutes of foot massage, which can relieve fatigue and has therapeutic effects for certain illnesses.

The previous world record stood at 200 reflexologists with the same number of tourists.